Alladapt- Developing Next Generation Oral Immunotherapy Interventions


Alladapt- Developing Next Generation Oral Immunotherapy Interventions

At Alladapt, our team of industry-leading scientists and biotechnology professionals is developing innovative new medicines for the treatment of food allergy. ADP101, our lead drug candidate, was invented by Dr. Kari Nadeau with the goal of mitigating food allergy provoked by either one or multiple proteins from a wide-ranging set of foods. Leveraging a growing body of knowledge on protein biochemistry and the underlying biology of food allergy, it is a single therapeutic agent rationally designed to support the management of a broad range of common food allergies. Clinical development is slated to begin in 2021.  ADP101 is based on an intellectual property estate that includes patents and accompanying clinical data licensed from Stanford University.  We encourage those with interest in our clinical studies to register to receive updates as soon as they are available at .

The End of Food Allergy

Available Now

Our daughter’s world changed dramatically after Dr. Nadeau successfully treated her life‑threatening food allergy. If you suffer from food allergy, or have a loved one who does, this book is a must-read!

Nancy and Steve Carell

The End of Food Allergy…provides hope for treatments that may liberate many children and adults suffering from this epidemic. I am grateful…

Sheryl Sandberg

As a mother of children with a history of food allergy, I am grateful for the hope that this book gives families: that we no longer have to live their lives in fear of accidental exposure. Thank you for changing our world.

Priscilla Chan, MD

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