How to say about food allergies in Italian?

January 22th, 2024

Allergie alimentari, or food allergies, are immune system responses to certain foods. 

Most food allergies are caused by specific proteins found in

  • Gamberetti - shrimps
  • Granchi - crabs
  • aragosta - lobster
  • Noci - walnuts
  • Nocciole - hazelnuts
  • Arachidi - peanuts
  • uova - eggs
  • mandorle - almonds
  • banane - bananas
  • albicocche - apricots
  • ciliegie - cherries
  • pesche - peaches
  • some spices and herbs, such as pepe nero - black pepper
  • semi di finocchio - fennel
  • coriandolo - coriander

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Inform your waitress or host of your dietary restrictions whether you are at a restaurant or when you are invited to a dinner party at their house by saying the following:

  • Ho una grave allergia alimentare a… – I have a severe food allergy to…
  • È molto importante che le pietanze non contengano… neanche in minima parte – It is crucial that the food does not contain even a very small amount of…

Avoid ordering fried food in Italian restaurants if you have a peanut allergy because the kitchen staff most likely uses a mixture of oils that may contain peanut oil.

The following items may be purchased at your neighborhood pharmacy to help with the symptoms of food allergies:

  • antistaminico (antihistamine);
  • cortisone (cortisone).